Physics PhD Workshop 21/22

[icon name=”rocket”] February 23, 2022 [icon name=”clock”] 8.30 am
[icon name=”map-marker-alt”] Polo Ferrari 2, Room B107, University of Trento / zoom

Trento PhD Programme

About the Physics PhD Workshop

The Physics PhD Workshop is a scientific meeting held each year at the University of Trento. It is usually held at the beginning of the academic year as a welcome event for the new PhD students. The idea is to increase awareness about the research conducted within the department and to spark new collaborations.

The ppw2021 is organized by the Doctoral School of the Department of Physics. This year’s edition will be in-person, click the buttons for more information and follow us on Instagram! Contact us at

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The Organizing Committee

ppw 2021 Alfinelli

Erica Alfinelli

ppw 2021 Piccioli

Francesco Piccioli

Lorenzo Sala

ppw 2021 Sanna

Matteo Sanna

ppw 2021 SIlveravalle

Samuele SIlveravalle