[icon name=”download” prefix=”fas”] Recordings are available, download here.

The ppw2021 will be held on February 23rd 2022 in Povo2, room B107 (where is it?). The event will mainly be in-person, but will also be highly hybrid, with a zoom connection for people attending/presenting from home. In-person participation is restricted to the Department of Physics.

We will host talk sessions with presentations by the PhD students of the Physics department at the University of Trento, in two morning sessions and one afternoon session. The event will include a lectio magistralis, a round table between three experts in the field of climate change and green solutions.
The event will be concluded with a Poster session of the 3rd-year PhDs, along with a great aperitivo.

[icon name=”wine-glass” prefix=”fas”] Aperitivo. Restricted to people from the Department of Physics. Super green-pass and online registration are required.

[icon name=”plus-square” prefix=”fas”] CoViD-19 info.
The current regulations allow the smooth running of the ppw2021.
However, we remind that you will need to comply with the usual requirements: green-pass, registration on UniTrentoApp, social distancing, wearing masks the entire day.

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